Romanian Review of Political Sciences and International Relations” (RRPSIR)  is a constant presence in the Romanian scientific landscape, including scientific contributions from all over the world. The journal appears twice a year providing a rich mix of comparative, international and transnational issues in political science and international relations, addressed to all who are interested in new approaches of the contemporary political phenomena, within the context of increasing international scientific interdependence and global change.

The review has several permanent chapters: political philosophy, international relations, political science, in focus, scientific life, book reviews, the review of reviews, the authors.

Romanian Review of Political Sciences and International Relations” is a focal point for research dialogue and scientific exchange in terms of political, cultural and geographical community, methodological orientation and theoretical approach, concerning the domestic, comparative, transnational and international political aspects.

RRPSIR presents studies concerning important national and international issues, either theoretical or practical, demonstrating highest standards of excellence in documentation, conceptualization and methodology, thus illuminating significant research problems, or answering important research questions of general interest in political science, political philosophy, and international relations areas.

The review has and welcomes national and international scholars publishing papers in English, whose profiles are offered in the chapter that contains authors’ presentations. The selection of the articles is performed according to a blind peer-review process.

RRPSIR is published by the prestigious Publishing House of the Institute of Political Sciences and International Relations “I.C. Brătianu” of the Romanian Academy and it is present also online – with its integral archives – in order to disseminate the results of research and constitute an integrative factor in the scientific community.

Hence, the specialised character of the ”Romanian Review of Political Sciences and International Relations” resides in disseminating relevant and substantial scholarly analyses in all areas of political science and international relations, reflecting up-to-date scientific perspectives, stimulating scholarship and the scientific dialogue.

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