RRPSIR is published every six months and it contains studies and articles of political philosophy, political science and international relations;

RRPSIR promotes both the capitalization of Romanian and international contributions of reference and novelty in the field;

RRPSIR is not a follower of any school of thought or ideology, it promotes free debates on the theories, ideologies, and modern and contemporary political practices;

RRPSIR contains the following headers: political philosophy, in focus, international relations, books in debate, scientific life, book reviews, the review of reviews and the authors;  this scientific journal does not publish personal pamphlets and polemics or intolerant critics;

RRPSIR publishes studies and articles selected  (after a peer review process) by the editorial board and the team. The editorial college, board and team is not liable for the content in the articles and studies. The thematic issues are announced in advance. The unpublished manuscripts are not returned.

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